They’re making a Cenrtal Perk in honor of Friends 20th Anniversary. It’s going to be in NYC from September 17th until October 18th. I wish I had friends that loved the show as much as me so I wouldn’t be going alone.

I wish i could go :’(

So I’m just watching this over and over again…

Idk know why some people kept saying Jen was acting like a total bitch. It was obviously part of the script. She’s supposed to act upset. That’s why Lisa said, “Rachel, you seem upset.” Then they can read the ‘I’ll Be There For You’ lyrics as part of the script. Jen was just acting.

Anyways, this could be a lot more better if the guys were there. But this is enough for me now. SML. 

Thanks Jimmy!!

RIP Mr. Robin Williams

His death is literally the first I cried over a celebrity’s death. Not so much drama, but I shed a few tears. I really don’t know why. I’m not such a big fan, but for some reason his death hit me really hard. Maybe because he’s somehow a part of my childhood. I always loved him as Peter Pan in the movie ‘Hook’. I also liked his movies Jumanji & Aladdin. RIP Mr. Williams. Always think of happy thoughts, you’ll always be my Peter Pan.